Our entry for Ludum Dare 40! (Roughly 30 hours of work)
Theme: The more you have the worse it is
Our first ever Game Jam!
Ludum Dare 40 Game Link: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/40/iglu

v0.2 UPDATE HERE: https://indemonai.itch.io/iglu-v02-ludum-dare-40
Keeping this up until the end of the jam as it is the original submission.

- IGLU -
It's cold! Don't freeze! Fight your way through 3 stages and a boss to save your girlfriend! You play as Iglu, a snow coat wearing dog who shoots tennis balls (don't ask us why) and you must protect yourself from Snow Ghosts and the terrifying Snowhead! Collect the required amount of dog biscuits to satisfy Bribe Dog so he will let you move on! Make sure to rest near a fire pit to keep warm (look at your coldness bar on the top left!). You can also collect Hot Water Bottles to boost your warmth a bit. Remember... the colder you are... well... it's bad because you die.

NOTE: The game is a bit harder than anticipated but it's not impossible! Might need to be tweaked a bit.

A / Left Arrow - Left
D / Right Arrow - Right
W / Up Arrow - Jump
Spacebar - Shoot
B - Bark

- Collect the necessary Dog Biscuits to move on the to the next stage
- Keep warm! Use fire pits and hot water bottles (small boost of warmth) - keep an eye on the coldness bar on the top left
- Shoot tennis balls to defend yourself from the Snow Ghosts!

Fábio Guedes - Concept / Art / Level Design / Sound / Music
João Marques - Concept / Level Design / Programming


(Will soon be on Spotify and other streaming services!)

Stuff Used
- Phaser.io [Engine]
- GraphicsGale [Pixel Art]
- Tiled [Level Builder]
- Bfxr [Sound Effects]
- SONAR X3 + Various free VSTs [Music]

Hope you enjoy it! Share your score with us :) Feel free to link your Ludum Dare projects! We will check them out when possible!

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