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"Segatakai Original Soundtracks" is the soundtrack to the short Indie Horror Game "Segatakai" by Indemonai Games (Fábio Guedes and Daniel Francisco). 

This is the "COMPLETE Edition" of the soundtrack containing 10 tracks, running at 24 minutes and 35 seconds of ambient and trip-hop tunes with a post-rock vein and a very strong atmosphere.

The game is available for free download here: Segatakai @ itch.io - Experience this new twist on the "Slender"-type.

All the money received from this Soundtrack will go to funding our future projects.

01 - Forgotten Memories
02 - In the Woods (Pages 1 & 2)
03 - Took the Children (Pages 3 & 4)
04 - Unfound Peace
05 - Watches Me (Pages 5 & 6)
06 - Someone's Here (Page 7)
07 - Madness Unfold
08 - Segatakai
09 - Forgotten Memories (Credits Version)
10 - Unfound Peace (Credits Version)

All music composed and recorded by Fábio Guedes.


Buy Now5.00€ EUR or more

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